I stared down into the ocean water

Trying to catch glimpses of who we were.


I thought I saw reflections.

Nearly perfect truths of our humanity.

But they were sea foam and seaweeds.

Curled in the shape of pilgrim hands.


So I took a second look.

And I thought I saw the depth of the ocean

And the depth of our souls.

But it was simply the black that comes when human eyes fail.


So I just stared at the horizon.

I watched as the Portuguese-men-of-war clustered round.

Stared as they traveled towards me from off that line where water and sky meet.


But one of those little black dots wasn’t a jellyfish.

It was the ship you sailed to me in.


And I saw you.

And I don’t know I could’ve mistaken you for anything else.


Honesty brought by the tide

Truth brought by time.