In the 359 days between April 5th, 2011 and March 29th, 2012 I wrote 500 poems. 500 poems about the direct things that were happening in my life, the things that were on my mind and even about historical events.

But the year is over. When I wrote the 500th poem I realized I wasn’t done. I wasn’t done writing, I hadn’t gotten out everything that needed to get out into the world. So I made this place.

A new blog for new poems.

But I don’t know if they all will be poems. I don’t have a writing goal for the year…yet. Its possible I will. It may include prose, short fiction, structured poetry, who knows! Regardless, this is the place it will reside.

I will only post one poem from the 500 here. All the 500 can be accessed at The title of this site is after this poem.

Infinite Anchors

There are an infinite number of things that will keep you here.

An infinite amount of anchors.

Things that will tie you down and keep you close.

Things that will keep you from getting out there.

Infinite anchors to tie you to the sinking ship.

Infinite anchors to keep you from doing what you want.

And they’re easy.

Anchors are simple to operate.

Drop one over the edge and you stay right there.

But leaving?

Going off to find your dreams?

Fulfilling your deepest wishes?

Well that is a hell of a lot harder.

So I’m swinging axes at my infinite anchors.

And I hope you do to.

Because there are an infinite number of anchors

But that doesn’t mean they should keep you here.